Dear colleagues,
Once again, we’re wrapping up another great year. It has been great in many ways, and a few certainly stand out:


  • It appears that the worst of the Pandemic is behind us. Thank you all for working together with the necessary preventive measures. This improvement on a global scale has enabled us once again to host more than 100 dentists from around the world to an in-person summit at our Utah headquarters, complete with a visit to our home. 


  • Ultradent continues to grow and reach new dentists around the world. We increased our international distribution, strengthening our ability to deliver high-quality dental materials to communities in more than 130 countries.


  • Continued investment in R&D has allowed us to offer dental professionals new groundbreaking equipment and materials. The new VALO™ X curing light redefines ease of use for clinicians. We will continue to listen to you, the dental professionals, to develop difference-making products for your practices. 


Life has not been so great for all our Ultradent colleagues. As you know, the war in Ukraine is causing millions of people to suffer—including our distribution partner in Ukraine, Sergey. I believe that we cannot forget to support them.


All of us living in a free and safe world can be so thankful. We certainly cherish such for our families. 


So hug your kids, hug your spouse, hug your partners, your parents, grandparents, and the rest. Life is precious, time is precious!


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year.



Dr Dan Fischer_Signature_2016 copy 2

Dr. Dan Fischer

Founder, CEO Emeritus