UltraSeal XT hydroTM dental sealant is a light-cured, radiopaque, fluoride-releasing composite sealant. It is stronger and more wear resistant than other dental sealants because it is a 53%-filled resin and has less polymerization shrinkage than competitive products.

The spiral brush action of the InspiralTM Brush tip that is used to apply UltraSeal XT hydro dental sealant to the tooth causes shear thinning of the filled, thixotropic sealant,  which reduces its viscosity as it is placed. The resin firms when shear thinning ceases and placement is complete, preventing it from running before it can be light cured using the VALO dental curing light. The hydrophilic chemistry with its characteristic thixotropic nature chases moisture (which can can cause sealant failure in hydrophobic dental sealants) deep into the pits and fissures on a microscopic level. Once there, the advanced adhesive technology securely bonds the sealant to the enamel, increasing marginal retention and reducing microleakage.

Marginal Retention and

Microfiltration Comparison: 

UltraSeal XT hydro provides a complete seal with no microleakage.Competitor hydrophilic sealants don’t form a proper seal and, as a result, allow microleakage (1).UltraSeal XT hydro features an advanced adhesive technology that allows it to form a superior bond with tooth structure, creating well-sealed marginsCompetitor hydrophilic sealants don’t adhere well to the pits and fissures, and begin to peel away from the margins (2).


Before and After UltraSeal XT hydro:

Before placement of UltraSeal XT hydro.After placement of UltraSeal XT hydro.UltraSeal XT hydro’s fluorescent properties make it fully viewable under a black light, which makes it easy to check for marginal retention at subsequent appointments.