1. Advancements in sectional matrix systems streamline many processes in dental offices and allow clinicians to provide effective, time-conscious treatment for their patients. The case below arrived in Dr. Adrian TS Goh’s office and presented with a chipped filling requiring a Class II composite restoration. The “easy usage and slick design” of the Halo™ sectional matrix system aided Dr. Goh in achieving the high-quality results. “My dental assistants love the easy access and storage of the carousel,” Dr. Goh says of the Halo system. “Certainly an important piece of equipment to have in the practice.”
    1. The old, chipped composite was removed and caries freed.


  2. After rubber dam isolation, the Halo™ soft band was placed. Band was burnished at the cervical area.

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  3. FORMA™ composite A2 Body color was placed in layers and then anatomically shaped and contoured and light cured.

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  4. Final shaping was done and after occlusal check, final polishing was completed.