The maintenance of good oral hygiene belongs to the basic understanding of our modern dental world. Despite all efforts, however, long, time-consuming dental procedures are almost inevitable from time to time. This is exactly the point at which dental professionals are faced with many challenges.


What clinicians are seeking are comfortable working conditions, a good view of the treatment area and consequently successful treatment results. First and foremost an open and unrestricted access to the treatment area is required. What may sound easy is often difficult to achieve. Frequently, there are “disturbing elements” which are in the way. Soft tissue, such as lips, tongue, or cheeks, prevent users from the execution of smooth and hassle-free working procedures. In one short sentence: an efficient retraction of all soft tissues is crucial.


Conventional cheek retractors

Conventional devices, such as cheek retractors, might help to keep the patients’ cheeks away (as the name obviously keeps promising). But what about the saliva and the tongue management as well as the wide-spread gagging issues of most patients caused by these kinds of retractors?

Both, from a user’s as well as from a patient’s point of view, the available cheek retractors on the market may not answer these questions sufficiently. Moreover, using them for lengthy procedures may result in a loss of retraction, anxiety, muscle fatigue and subsequently in unpleasant experiences for all involved parties. Who would not wish for better options?

The Umbrella™ Tongue, Lip, and Cheek retractor:
More than just a simple retraction of soft tissue

Following the aim to improve the level of dentistry worldwide, Ultradent Products developed the Umbrella™ tongue, lip, and cheek retractor, which is designed to improve the overall patient comfort, creating and maintaining clear access to the working environment at the same time.


Patient comfort first

The Umbrella retractor is spring-loaded, it comfortably fits to the individual anatomy of the mouth and gently keeps it propped open. From now on, stretching and pulling lips and cheeks luckily belongs to the past.Umbrella_Box_Art_Pose3_3D

The Umbrella tongue, lip, and cheek retractor keeps the patient’s mouth open in a natural way. It avoids muscle strain while also allowing for complete closure.


Efficient tongue and saliva management

Thanks to its innovative tongue retraction system, the tongue comfortably rests behind the tongue guard and thus entirely away from the working area. Likewise, Umbrella provides relief to gaggers, as for most patients it does not initiate the gag reflex. The possibility to alleviate gagging is a huge win for any user. Umbrella opens the space between teeth, lips, and cheeks in a way that encourages saliva to accumulate away from the dentition improving access for HVE and decreasing the risk of contamination. Summing up the benefits of the built-in tongue guard, dental users confirm that there is enough space for everything they need: the working area is wide open for an easy suction. Furthermore, the patient comfort is significantly improved, as the Umbrella tongue guard guides the patient’s tongue into place, eliminating any disturbing effect.Frame EN


The perfect balance

What’s good for the patient is good for the dentist: the Umbrella tongue, lip, and cheek retractor offers stable access, easy placement and great comfort. Combining multiple advantages in one easy-to-use product, it offers the ideal addition for caring users, who provide their patients with quality dentistry the perfect balance.


Now available in size L!Umbrella Large and Medium Comparison


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