Editor's note: This article appeared in the March 2022 print edition of Dental Economics magazine.

“My wife hates Airpods. She doesn’t hate them because they don’t sound great or don’t fit or anything like that. She hates them because I always have one in, and she’s never sure if I’m listening to something or not. The idea of always having an AirPod in is as new a phenomenon as Airpods themselves. In the days of wired earbuds, I didn’t walk around with those in. It wasn’t comfortable or convenient. Everything has changed in that regard because of the shape.

The shapes of polishers have changed a lot over the years as well. When I was in dental school, there were three shapes of polishers: disks, points, and cups. Every polishing system had those shapes. Thankfully, as with Airpods, the shapes of polishers have evolved for the better. Jiffy Natural Composite Polishers by Ultradent are a great example of this. The Jiffy Natural Composite kit has only two shapes of polishers with two grits. That makes for a very simple, clean system.”

The shapes are what set the Jiffy Natural Composite System apart. The two shapes included are a spiral wheel and an “occlusal twirl.” The spiral wheel is great for flat and contoured surfaces on axial walls. However, it is difficult to get it into occlusal anatomy. That’s where the occlusal twirl comes in. It quickly and easily polishes the grooves and ridges or the anatomy we put into our composites without obliterating them. Between the spiral wheels and the occlusal twirls, we can polish almost any posterior composite we do in two quick and easy steps!6304-1_Jiffy_Natural_Composite_Polishing_Kit_Front_0721 copy

The two grits included are yellow medium grit and a white fine grit. These should be used in a latch-type handpiece at between 5,000 and 8,000 rpm. Ideally, the tooth and composite should be wet as it is polished to achieve the best results. After a few seconds with each grit, a typical occlusal composite can be very well polished by the Jiffy Natural Composite System in less than one minute. In today’s world of falling reimbursements and growing overhead, I need to be fast and efficient with these procedures. A great one-minute, two-step composite polishing system is just what I need.

Jiffy Natural Composite System may look a little strange with its funny new shapes, but it works wet and fast. That is a solid hit for me!