Every patient has a different idea as to what their perfect shade of white is. Some patients may be hesitant to whiten out of fear that their teeth may become too white. They may wish their smile was brighter but still natural looking—not a Hollywood white. The fear of having a smile that’s too white may even prevent some patients from beginning a whitening treatment in the first place.

Creating a custom treatment plan that conforms to your patients’ needs may help ease their fears. For those patients worried about their smile becoming too white, you may wish to start with a 5- to 7-day treatment instead of a full 10- to 14-day treatment. Monitor the progress of the patient after the 5–7 days, and use a shade guide to show the patient how their whitening treatment has progressed. At this point the patient may decide to continue treatment, or perhaps they may be satisfied with the results, and the treatment can be considered complete. Keep in mind that every person whitens at a different rate, and some patients will never achieve the level of white that other patients easily achieve. If they reach their desired shade of white, patients may stop whitening at any point in their course of treatment.

Listening to the individual needs and desires of your patients will help you create the right treatment plan for each of them. Not everyone is looking for the same outcome, and not every patient has the same concerns. As a dental professional, you can answer your patients’ questions and prescribe the right treatments for successful results.

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