For over 40 years, Ultradent has provided innovative, industry-leading products to dental professionals across the globe

Although Ultradent has long been an international leader in the dental product industry, it can trace its origins to humble beginnings. In 1976, Ultradent founder and CEO Emeritus Dr. Dan Fischer was a young dentist in search of a solution that would deliver more rapid, profound hemostasis. To meet this need, he worked tirelessly in his basement after hours, using his own blood to test his efforts. Finally, he arrived at an answer in the form of Astringedent, a groundbreaking hemostatic solution. Dr. Fischer’s invention became one of Ultradent’s flagship products and soon gave way to many more innovative dental solutions from Ultradent Products, Inc.


Revolutionizing Dentistry

Over 4 decades and many patents later, Dr. Fischer continues to revolutionize the dental industry. After his service as CEO of Ultradent—which is now a global dental supply and manufacturing company with multiple industry-leading products—Dr. Fischer began working as a part-time practitioner as well as a writer and lecturer, focusing on state-of-the-art dentistry. In addition, he is also a strong advocate of minimally invasive dentistry, a philosophy central to the development of Ultradent’s products and procedures.


Passion for Improving Oral Health

Today, Ultradent maintains its original headquarters and manufacturing operation in South Jordan, UT, but the company also has established subsidiaries in 9 countries, with nearly 200 of its employees based overseas. As an international dental provider, the company currently sells its products in over 125 countries. All of Ultradent’s solutions are used by countless dentists, group practices, government agencies, and universities worldwide. Ultradent remains dedicated to improving oral health globally and it credits this passion with making it the “incredible company it is today.”



enamleast recommended product 

Ultradent’s award-winning fluoride varnish, Enamelast, is a flavored, xylitol-sweetened, 5% sodium fluoride in a resin carrier that produces mechanical occlusion of dentinal tubules to relieve tooth hypersensitivity. This varnish contains a patented adhesion-promoting formula that enhances retention while supplying superior fluoride release and uptake.


Enamelast also encourages treatment adherence because it has a smooth texture, is virtually invisible in appearance, and is available in a range of great-tasting flavors as well as a flavor-free option. Enamelast fluoride varnish comes in 2 delivery options—unit-dose and syringe—and is both nut and gluten-free.


Endo-Eze MTAFlow

endo-eze mta flow 

Suited for a variety of procedures, Endo-Eze MTAFlow is a mineral trioxide aggregate repair cement designed to mix quickly and smoothly into the ideal consistency. This non-staining cement resists washout, sets quickly, and features bioactive properties scientifically proven to promote healing.


Endo-Eze MTAFlow was designed for easy, precise delivery anywhere in the canal using Ultradent tips: 22-ga Black Micro tips can readily deliver the thick consistency, while the cement’s thin consistency is deliverable via a 29-ga NaviTip tip.


The Endo-Eze MTAFlow cement kit also comes with all the tools you’ll need to mix and deliver the cement. The contents include enough MTA powder and gel to complete 8 to 10 applications, a measuring spoon, a mixing pad, 10 Skini syringes, 10 Luer Lock caps, and 20 Black Micro tips.


q&a with dirk jeffs ultradent ceo


Gemini 810 + 980

The first dual-wavelength soft tissue diode laser available in the United States, the Gemini 810 + 980 brings together the optimal melanin absorption of an 810-nanometer wavelength diode laser with the optimal water absorption of a 980-nanometer wavelength diode laser. With 20 W of peak super pulsed power, the Gemini enables faster, smoother cutting with less tissue tagging in every procedure.


Other features include a sleek, innovative design with a transparent electroluminescent display, a simple user interface with multiple procedural presets, tip illumination for better visibility at the surgical site, and a Bluetooth foot pedal that permits wireless control. For added convenience, single-use bendable tips are pre-initiated, reducing prep time, while the autoclavable handpiece design simplifies sterilization.


Jiffy Natural Universal System

Consisting of malleable, spiral-shaped wheels that easily conform to tooth anatomy, Jiffy Natural Universal ceramic polishers are designed for use with the Jiffy Universal Finishing System. They reach where cups and points can’t and soften super high-gloss finishes to a natural enamel-like shine. With a simple, 2-step process at each stage, the Jiffy Universal System is a finishing solution for all ceramics, including high-strength materials.


All adjusters and polishers in the Jiffy Universal System work interchangeably on porcelain, lithium disilicate, and zirconia. In addition, Jiffy Universal Kits include an optimal number of components, so you can efficiently adjust and polish any ceramic material to a smooth surface with the highest-quality, most natural-looking finish possible. Maximum diamond retention ensures a long service life. The universal application eliminates the need for multiple adjusters and polishers, resulting in time and money saved for your practice.




The idea for NaviTips was sparked by a colleague of Ultradent CEO Emeritus Dr. Dan Fischer. Dr. Francisco Riitano of Italy was looking for a tip that could deliver medicine directly to the apex of a root canal and also verify how deeply it was placed. Dr. Fisher and the Ultradent team accepted the challenge. The result is NaviTips, which allows users to precisely control the placement of irrigants and resin sealers. The tip’s design includes rounded ends, mostly rigid shanks, and a flexible last few millimeters.


Single-use NaviTips are available in 4 lengths (17, 21, 25, and 27 mm) and 2 gauges (29 or 30). The color-coded tips are coordinated to match corresponding endodontic file lengths.


Opalescence Boost


In-office power whitener Opalescence Boost is a chemically activated gel that creates a brighter, whiter smile in about an hour (two to three 20-minute applications) in the dental chair. Opalescence Boost’s powerful, 40% hydrogen peroxide gel is chemically activated, meaning it doesn’t require a hot, uncomfortable light to work effectively.


Requiring no refrigeration prior to mixing, Opalescence Boost is deliverable with precision via a unique doublesyringe configuration. Just prior to application, the clinician activates the hydrogen peroxide formula, ensuring that every dose of Opalescence Boost whitening is fresh and effective.


Opalescence Go

opalescenec go 

For patients looking for professional whitening to-go or an alternative to over-the-counter whitening products, Opalescence Go is the ideal solution. This take-home whitening system features a unique UltraFit tray material that offers a remarkably comfortable fi t and easily conforms to any patient’s teeth, while molar-to-molar coverage ensures whitening of the entire smile.


The system’s convenient prefilled trays can be worn right out of the package— no impressions, models, or lab time required—making it a perfect followup treatment to in-offi ce whitening. Opalescence Go is vegan, certified gluten-free, and kosher. It’s available in 10% and 15% hydrogen peroxide concentrations and great-tasting mint and melon flavors.


Opalescence PF

opalesence pf 

Designed for use with customized take-home whitening trays, Opalescence PF tooth-whitening gel provides patients with a variety of whitening options. With 5 concentrations (10%, 15%, 20%, 35%, and 45%), 3 flavors (mint, melon, and regular), and the option to wear the trays during the day or at night, dentists can help patients customize their whitening experience to meet their individual needs.


The gel, which is vegan, certified gluten-free, and certified kosher, contains 20% water to prevent dehydration, and the sticky, viscous formula helps ensure the gel and tray stay in place.


Peak Universal Bond

peak universal bond 

When Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, conducted a study comparing the shear bonding strengths of 5 bonding systems, Peak Universal Adhesive System yielded the highest bond strengths to both dentin and enamel.


Peak Universal is indicated for direct and indirect bonding, including post and core procedures. And with 7.5% filler, the material is minimally thick and exceptionally strong. In addition, reports indicate that the addition of chlorhexidine to the adhesive’s formulation may enhance bond strength.


Certified gluten-free, Peak Universal Bond is available in syringe or bottle delivery.


dermadam and dermadam synthetic


Thermo Clone VPS

thermo clone vps 

Ultradent engineered Thermo Clone VPS impression material to help clinicians create precise, consistent impressions. For a fast working time and to prevent impression distortion, the material begins setting as soon as it’s placed in the patient’s mouth. Because Thermo Clone VPS is super hydrophilic, it adapts well to wet environments, and the material’s thixotropic properties allow it to easily flow between teeth to capture every detail and margin.


Available in bubble gum scent, Thermo Clone VPS has high tear strength and excellent dimensional stability. The material comes with a dynamic mixing tip and 380-mL cartridges that are compatible with any automatic mixing machine.


Umbrella Tongue, Lip, & Cheek Retractor

umbrella tongue lip retractor

An innovative solution for soft tissue retraction, the disposable Umbrella tongue, lip, and cheek retractor improves access to all areas of the oral cavity without compromising patient comfort. With a durable yet flexible spring-like design, Umbrella gently and naturally helps patients hold their mouths open, making it a perfect option for patients who suffer from gagging and anxiety.


The device also helps channel saliva away from dentition to assist with high-volume evacuation isolation, while the tongue guard rests comfortably under the tongue, keeping it up and away from the working area. The Umbrella is easy to place and features anatomically positioned bumpers that allow clinicians to rest a hand without harm or discomfort to the patient. In a recent Dental Product Shopper evaluation of Umbrella, Andrew Mogelof, DDS, described it as “a disposable, simple, one-size-fits-all field management solution that provides full retraction of the lips, tongue, and cheeks.”


All in all, the Umbrella tongue, lip, and cheek retractor makes for an easier, more comfortable experience for both clinicians and patients during any dental procedure that requires clear access.




This 35% phosphoric acid solution can be used to etch dentin and enamel to ensure ideal bonding. Studies have revealed that Ultra-Etch is self-limiting in its etch depth, which creates a pattern that allows adhesives to adequately penetrate for increased bond strength and reduced sensitivity.


Ultra-Etch’s unique formulation ensures that it is viscous enough for easy handling, yet able to penetrate small fissures and occlusal surfaces. In addition, Ultra-Etch’s physical and chemical properties promote capillary action.


Using Blue Micro or Inspiral Brush tips, Ultra-Etch can be precisely placed. The material rinses cleanly and easily and doesn’t leave behind any residue. A group of dentists who reviewed Ultra-Etch in their practices for several weeks gave it a nearly perfect score (4.8 out of 5).


When asked about the product’s viscosity, Dr. Christopher Greenwaldt said “Ultra-Etch has perfect viscosity and provides predictable results every time.”


Kevin Anderson, DMD, summed up his evaluation by saying, “Ultra-Etch has many great qualities. It has one of the best track records of phosphoric etchants.”



ultrapak and ultrapak e


Made of 100% cotton, the Ultrapak cord is knitted into thousands of tiny loops to form long, interlocking chains that exert gentle, continuous outward force after placement. In 5 minutes, the cords achieve optimal tissue displacement for detailed margins and high-quality impressions. 


The cord’s bright colors make location and removal easy. Ultrapak packaging includes a ruler printed on the label for cord measurement, a high carbon steel blade for a clean cut, and a thin plastic gate so the cord can’t fall into the bottle after cutting.


Ultrapro Tx

ultrapro tx 

Ergonomic, economic, and effective, Ultrapro Tx disposable prophy angles are an essential item for any dental practice. These non-rubber latex angles feature an ergonomic shape that reduces hand and arm fatigue, as well as a patented quiet gear design to ensure smooth operation. Ultrapro Tx is available in Original, Extra, Skini, and Sweep prophy angle types with the firm or soft cup options for each type. Ultrapro Tx Sweep prophy angles have an innovative brush guard that keeps the treatment field clean and free of excess saliva and paste while reducing splatter by 95%, reducing cross-contamination. All Ultrapro Tx prophy angle cups have optimal flare and are color coded to easily distinguish between firm and soft options. In a DPS evaluation of Ultrapro Tx Sweep, Monica Rogers, RDH, said, “In my opinion, this is the most innovative angle to come on the market since I began practicing 20 years ago.” And Joy Driscoll, RDH, said, “Finally, a prophy angle designed to reduce splatter that actually delivers. I would highly recommend Ultrapro Tx Sweep.”


VALO and VALO Grand Curing Lights


valo grand curing light


Ultradent’s VALO family of curing lights—VALO Corded, VALO Cordless, and VALO Grand—is designed to meet any practice’s needs. All the curing lights use a custom multiwavelength LED to produce high-intensity light (385 to 515 nm) to ensure the complete curing of all appropriate materials, including porcelain and underlying resin cement.

valo highly recommended


The lights’ streamlined, the ergonomic design facilitates easy access to all curing sites without patient discomfort. With an aluminum wand, machined components, and tempered glass lenses, all VALO lights easily withstand daily use. In addition to the standard VALO light design and durability, VALO Grand has a larger 12-mm lens that can quickly and effectively cure a 10-mm molar. In addition, the power button placement on the underside of the wand enhances ease of use.




With ViscoStat, you’ll find profound hemostasis, less chair time, and bleeding that stops in seconds. ViscoStat hemostatic agent formulation includes a 20% ferric sulfate equivalent solution with inert binding agents delivered in a viscous, aqueous mixture. In addition to hemostasis in seconds, ViscoStat eliminates sulcular fluid contamination, ensures optimal bonding, and reduces impression retakes.